Affiliate Program

Nohfkagye travels is an agency that provides visas, flights and hotel bookings, and
migration consulting services. Registered with CAC under NOHFKAGYE LIMITED, and have been doing business since October 2015.
We believe that everyone deserves to explore the world! So we delight in making
our client’s adventures, a reality.
We value trust, excellence, simplicity, and community. At Nohfkagye Travels, life is
better together!

Our affiliate program provides individuals the opportunity to earn passive income when they refer people to buy any of our packages.

Commissions on referrals are product specific, so we keep updating the products we add to the affiliate program.


  • Persons interested in Nohfkagye Travels Affiliate program must apply by
    submitting their personal information using the link below.
    Click here to apply
  • Upon acceptance, affiliate will be given an affiliate/referral ID which they will
    use and share with their referrals .
  • An affiliate will only promote products according to the details provided by
    Nohfkagye travels. Affiliates will be responsible for any implications as a result
    of misinformation when promoting our packages. Its highly recommended that
    affiliate understand the products they will be promoting.
  • An affiliate is required to promote products with clarity and transparency.
  • An affiliate is responsible to the products they sell and the clients they refer, as well
    as required to represent the interest of Nohfkagye Travels to every client they
    interact with.
  • An affiliate is authorized to promote products as a freelancer agent on behalf of
    Nohfkagye Travels.
  • The company reserves the right to terminate affiliates agreement if they are
    found to misrepresent the company in any way.
  • The company reserves the right to modify commissions rate, or discontinue a
    given product from the affiliate program.
  • Nohfkagye Travels provides all support necessary for affiliates to thrive in
    promoting all products available in the affiliate program.
  • An affiliate is eligible for additional bonuses when they pass various referral targets.
  • Nohfkagye Travels reserves the right to modify the affiliate program’s terms
    and conditions at any time.


  • UK caregiver Employment Packages – The Caregiver employment pathway allows medical professionals or those who would like to pursue a career in healthcare to move and work in the UK. This package is suitable for both individuals with no experience in the healthcare field, as well as those with experience.

Package Details

Job offer

Certificate of Sponsorship(COS), 3 – 5 years

Cost of each package ranges from £7,300 to £14,000 depending on Service providers(agents in the UK)

Commissions are between £100 to £400 depending on the profit margin of a given package.


  1. Sign up – fill out a the google form via the link provided
  2. Receive affiliate ID – after verification you will receive a unique referral ID
  3. Share referral link(s) – share your referral link and start earning.